GDPR & Blockchain: the Swiss take

par Gabriel Jaccard, Tharin Adrien, publié le 12/04/2018

Affiliation : Université de Genève

Categories : Droit de l'internet, Droit de la protection des données, Droit des technologies, Droit européen

Résumé :

The following paper addresses the main legal questions & best practices sur- rounding blockchain and GDPR. The Authors examine the legal challenges of storing personal data on a blockchain in a manner that complies with data protection regulation. In particular, the paper studies the question of per- sonal data when it is considered anonymous, pseudonymous or encrypted on a blockchain. Further, it stresses the need for a legally efficient identity layer on the blockchain and digital systems in general. Finally, the paper addresses the question of the recognizability of the data controller & data processor within a blockchain ecosystem.

Citation : Jaccard Gabriel, Tharin Adrien, GDPR & Blockchain: the Swiss take, in

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