Can Blockchain Accelerate Financial Inclusion?

par Antoine Schwab, Schwab Antoine, publié le 19/02/2021

Affiliation : Universität St-Gallen

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Résumé :

Blockchain technologies have been under the spotlight in the financial inclusion industry. Many
researchers believe that the low-cost, decentralized digital solutions could be the next silver bullet in
order to reach out the 1.7 billion individuals leaving in poverty and being excluded from any formal
financial services. Microfinance has been suffering from its structural flaws since the late 2000’s raising
questions about its feasibility and effectiveness as a tool to alleviate poverty and for economic

The mean of this thesis would be to analyse the disruptive effects that could be brought by Blockchain Technologies and to analyse whether they could act as a correction mechanisms and tackle structural flaws present in the microfinance industry.

The Thesis would be structured in four main parts, analysing first the financial inclusion and microfinance industries, the Blockchain ecosystem, a Blockchain-powered company and concluding on what’s next for Blockchain within the microfinance

Citation : Schwab Antoine, Schwab Antoine, Can Blockchain Accelerate Financial Inclusion?, in

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